Are you ready for a throw down?

In my last post I talked about how procrastinating can serve a purpose. It can actually give us comfort. However. we never grow if all we ever do is stay in our comfort zone. So how do we grow? We stretch ourselves.

Is there a project that you need to complete or even get started? Well then here is where the rubber meets the road my friend. You will never see the end of a project if you don’t start on your journey. We have all heard the saying that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.This is so true! So what’s your journey? is it to run a marathon, to write a book, to blog more, to connect more with people to get a new job or lose weight? There is literally a thousand different things you can do but you must make a plan and begin today! Not tomorrow but today!!

Here is my personal challenge, I am doing a 90 day health challenge. It is my goal to lose 25lbs in 90 days. I am well on my way I have already lost 4.5 I began my challenge on Feb 2 2012. You may ask why are you challenging yourself to lose weight? For me its much more than just losing weight. I want to get healthy and become the person I know I am meant to be. Losing weight is just one component of my getting healthy challenge. I want to A. Learn to love me more which means limiting or cutting out fast food and PEPSI. OHHH I LOVE PEPSI but I LOVE ME MORE  B, Get Moving Get moving Get Moving  I want to have way more energy to play with my kids. and C. This might be the most important reason for me to do this I want to stop worrying about my health and my age.

Time for a little self disclosure here. I just turned 42 on February 1,2012.  I have an aunt that passed away just recently at 55 from a heart attack. I loved her dearly. But it woke me up to my own mortality. I want to be free. This challenge is about FREEING MYSELF from all of the negativity that I have let swirl around me

I find it very freeing also if you have correct information and know what you are up against, So with my personal challenge I did some research. I know what my personal habits are and I also know what my risk factors are. I put me in control of my challenge so I can get the best results out of my challenge. For me I need to eat smarter and get more water and definitely exercise more

I find that it is time to get excited about starting something new. I love watching “Throw down” with Bobby Flay on the Food Network. He gets a secret challenge to recreate a dish that is being made by someone who is a master at that dish  I get all excited watching him walk up to the person that is creating their dish and says “ARE YOU READY FOR A THROW DOWN!” He’s so cute when he does this. Smile But really I am PUMPED about doing this challenge and changing my life and prayerfully other lives in the process. I am also finding that if you can get behind someone that believes in you you are more likely to succeed. So I am throwing down my own challenge. It was my goal when I started this blog to help others succeed in whatever they may be working on. DO A CHALLENGE WITH  ME. DO SOMETHING TO BETTER YOURSELF FOR 90 days and let me help you be a better person in 90 days. I myself am taking a 90 day challenge for my health and if you would love to join me in that I can give you specifics at Its very easy and simple to do. If you would like support in another 90 day challenge of your own let me know by  leaving  me a reply and letting  me know how I can support you. I would love to do so. Bottom line like Nike says “ JUST DO IT” START TODAY CHANGE YOUR WORLD NOW!!!

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